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The ATSF Kansas Division is Jay's HO Scale layout that portrays the Santa Fe Railway's Middle Division.


The layout features TCS (Traffic Control System) type operation allowing trains to be run via signal indication.


The control panel designed in JMRI Panel Pro simulates an US&S type machine. The staging tracks are computerized.

Jeremy also models in Nscale as well as helping on the HO Kansas Division


The Santa Fe Harbor division is a Freelanced L-shaped layout consisting of a 12 /2-foot Free-moN module based on Halstead, Ks, and an 11 foot by 3-foot harbor scene including a module of the Santa Fe's rail ferries used in Sanfransico Bay 


NTRAK modules are a 4 foot River Bridge module and a 3 foot corner module that also has a single track junction to connect with the Free-moN modules via a helix.


He has also started building in Free-moN.  Unlike Ntrak which is focused on the mainline train running in circles, Free-moN focus's on the realistic operation.

The first module is a representation of the town of Halstead Kansas

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