Jeremy's Free-mo Modules



My first Free-moN module is based on Halstead, Kansas August 1980.  Constuction started in April 2015

This is the town where my parents met and I spent many weeks there on vacation visiting relatives.

I have included most of the industries that were close to the Santa Fe mainline.  The depot is a walthers kit.

All other buildings are scratch built or heavily kitbashed to represent actual buildings. 

The mainline track is Microengineering code 55 with a Central Valley bridge and ME code 55 rail with code 4o guard rails.

Turnouts are Atlas 7's on the main track and Atlas 5's on the industries.  Non main track is handlaid code 55. 

Photos showing the constuction and the module's public debut at the  August 2015 Saint Louis Prototype Modelers Meet

4 partial corner modules that put together simulate the s curves east of Matfield Green Kansas.  Also a couple more modules that will be some small towns.

Slide show from the 2016 National Nscale Convention in Kansas City