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Oddessa Calhoun Division

Gateway Port Ntrak




  • Lgirder Benchwork Cantilevered off Walls

  • Control System Digitrax Chief/ Soundtraxx Surroundtraxx

  • Car routing  JMRI Operations

  • Joint operation by the Santa Fe Railroad and the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad

  • Mostly handlaid code 55 track along with some Micro Engineering code 55 flex and bridge track.

  • Design Concept  3 town short line

  • Industries: warehouses, coal mine, grain elevators, small port, rail car ferry.

  • Large Locomotive Terminal

  • Metrolink commuter operation

  • Free standing modular design

  • Control System Digitrax Zepher or Chief

  • Car Routing JMRI Operations

  • Santa Fe owned terminal railroad

  • All non Ntrak lines handlaid Micro Engineering code 55 track.   Ntrak mains Code 80 Atlas Track

  • Design concept- Large port operation

  • Industries:  warehouses; coal, oil, and grain rail to barge transloaders;  ship to rail facilities; rail car ferry

  • Interchanges with Class 1 rail lines (Ntrak mains)

  • Small locomotive terminal

A Free-moN module depicting the town of

Halstead, Kansas as I remember it in the 1980's


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