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Operations on the ATSF Kansas Division

The ATSF Kansas Division uses a CTC signal system using componants from Digitrax and RR-CirKits along with software from JMRI. A computer assists the dispatcher by automatically allocating track usage.  A typical operating session will be a mix of computer controlled and engineer controlled  trains.

Phones are used for communication with the Dispatcher. Various types of trains operate on the Division including through freights and passenger trains as well as local freight and passenger trains.

Slow day for the Dispatcher

The era for the scenery is late 60's through the 80's.  The towns we have choosen to model during that period still had their passenger stations in place while some had been converted to other uses.  Freight operations are 70's till the merger with the BN.    Passenger operations are Late 40's till late 60's.  These wide era ranges were choosen to accomadate our varied interests, and to preserve the action of the northern transcon in its heydey.   Because of the "dueling"er"dueling"eras it is possible to see some of the last steam locos working along side modern freights as the modern steam locos were still used into the mid fifites on the division.   Also the Cyprus K Holiday exhibition steamer was a common site going to various town and state events.

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